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On The Discomfort of Locomotion

On The Discomfort of Locomotion

Taking a step out of zone of comfort and stretching or having faith in one’s abilities beyond what is conceivable is a task of utmost difficulty, yet necessary in personal growth. A growth which is a requisite of success in life and endeavor. Uncomfortable at times, in fact, at most times, but extremely beneficial when one encounters or co-exists with the consummation of effort’s profit. Doubt is…

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On Dreams of The Sleepless, Sleeping, and Awakened

On Dreams of The Sleepless, Sleeping, and Awakened


The sleepless suffer in the foreknowledge that their insomniatic habits will lead eventually to a slowed speed or pace of problem solving, reflex, and even writing as it were. Oh, how I wish I wrote this with the skill of the scribes of old, recording what is in my semi-awake brain on Nile parchment or as the upon the paper of St. Jerome. Yet, what insomniac can testify to a complete unity of…

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Random Interpretive Prose.

At times I will sit at my keyboard and just write. Some products of this relate to things and/or experiences occurring in my life, while others denote lessons our questions I have encountered. On occasion a surreal form becomes apparent where several meanings can be discerned. This one may suggest anything from popularity to the duel nature seen in man and what consequent may arise if either one, good our evil, if you will, was to overtake another. Yet, there are other possibilities which I will leave to the reader who wants to engage my surreal prose. Take note though that there may be synonyms , these are in contrast and not as parallel as a thesaurus (word lizard) might suggest.

"A Feast Among Fallen."

"I know you. Within you a duel has took and is taking place in dry places of heart where the head hangs low in despair as a noon sun high, initiating pace, ripping apart self to abruptly turn away, back against freedom, eyes looking at death, at very reflection as if welcoming. Oh, if it is so welcome then grasp instrumentation and take aim at chime to strike self down from which you’ve distanced. Pitiful victim you are, and mighty victor. Is the post-morning worthless vanquished half even half-worth mourning? Is the victor deserving of spoils gratuitous and celebrations, welcomed unto those mighty feasts while being invited among honored seat? Or, have you only murdered yourself in cold blood among the streets of mud and dust? Will anyone remember? Or will you be trampled underfoot by each passerby? Those casual, the fleeing, or they in the midst of their celebration, who all give no thought, no notice, no curiosity of what this form and skeletal frame once comprised. None. None unto those bleached bare bones lying in wait in lane. Your flesh stripped. Fed upon by those wild. Of plane of earth and beast of air, whom has given you barely still edible to their young. Recall and recoil for you belong already. A self given gift and offering to the worm of long epochs past."

Just wondering if anyone else has ever had a photo appear on their phone without explanation which for one reason or another gives you the creeps. This photo which I didn’t take was on my phone. It’s at my girlfriends house which has the occasional odd occurrence happen by the way. It’s her bed with a light coming through the doorway and a black mass without any particular shape. It’s probably artifact produced by the camera. The photo was almost too dark to see and taken off angle so what you see her has been aligned and brightened a bit during my efforts to find out what exactly was going on.

Concerning a Whistle’s Lack of Cleanliness

Why is it that people or things are described at times as being clean as a whistle? If you ask me the whistle, including the kazoo, are nothing but breeding grounds for potentially harmful bacteria. Saliva flows through a whistle or kazoo with frequent use and therefore it is of no surprise that many of us would think twice about blowing on someone else’s whistle. Thus, why do we determine things are as clean as a whistle unless by some facetious sarcasm implying the opposite? Moreover, if to wet one’s whistle implies the mouth, doesn’t it follow that to be as clean as a whistle is in fact not cleanly at all? Perhaps, this all means that the original saying didn’t mean absolute cleanliness, rather something proposed to be clean, but that you take your chances on presuming such. Just sayin’.

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